Excerpt from Forest over Ever

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The Files of Akibon: Forest over Ever

The Artherians have a weapon and they must keep it hidden…for she has a mind of her own.

As the torch lights from the government bopped around the bend and through the open glen behind him, he lunged his arm back, his torn tunics shredded atop his shoulders and down his back. He tossed his arm straight forward and catapulted his five foot torch sideways against the wall of the plant. It pinged off the sapphire walls and burst into flames while it slid down to the tracks. Sparks slithered in rows along the shaft wall as the stone sparked with fervent heat. Author turned to race away from the flames before they billowed into the sky above the desecrated towers.

The government were the only ones allowed to have fire. They chased Author because he not only had taken the sacred parchments, but had the knowledge to use the Autherian fire, which everyone knew was not easy to start, but was much worse to put out. When Author slung the torch against the walls of the sunken plant, the hyper drive crystals that remained within the sapphire stone cracked through the rock. Author turned his head as he left the catwalk in a fury, his frocks blasted behind him, his long, black braided hair burned on the ends. He jumped off the catwalk to his knees and rolled into a pile of burned soot and ash to the side of a downed tower. The pressure from the blast pushed him off the catwalk yards away as he held his breath.

He clasped the scroll and closed his eyes as he sunk into the pile and disappeared in its blackness. The government pushed forward, yards away from him to the catwalk. Hundreds of them aligned in rows by their black shrouds and silver spikes were blasted back against the gnarled trees as the flames pelted them. The explosion from the plant clung to their torches and pinged off their bodies until their black shrouds were melted off their bones. Electrical waves from the plant explosion belted over them one by one, until they were disintegrated.

When the slithered fire cracked through the sapphire, the hyper drive crystals blasted through the plant and caved in the gorge. Author pushed himself deeper into the carrier sized soot pile from previous fires and rolled into a ball as best he could. The air vibrated overhead as the cavern caved in, the sapphire with it, and crystals pinged against the wall for miles down into the planet. Author felt the ground shake beneath him as the soot started to fall flat over his head with the vibrations. He could die and he knew it, yet he held onto hope.

A rip wave echoed through the night as a mushroom cloud exploded straight up from the plant and spread out like fingers over the forest. The catwalks blew apart into shrapnel and the shards split the air into the trees, through the bodies of the guards that rushed in from the forest. The high pitched screams of the arsenals from the blast pervaded the calm night skies to the government tower. The cascaded planets that hung over the lands were no longer visible under the black smoke and smoldered flames from the blast.

Then there was silence. Then there was moments of the wind through the trees as they caught a fire from the torches, and the fire spread over and under the thorny trees to the walls of the government. The fire put a haze in the night sky and lit up the lands as if the ground was daylight. The plan had worked. The government guards were dead or burned alive, but either way, they would not be chasing Author any more until the tower sent more in after him.

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