Short Science Fiction can draw you in fast

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“Peace cannot control greed, lust of power, madness within those who live to dominate. The race was bent on wicked deprivation, starving our lands, casting us out, until she was reborn to the Akibon…”-The Maker, Arena safe Haven, Sector 9

Turquoise eyes, almond shaped, olive toned skin, melted into a thick fog of absolution. The only other way to describe her in Aria’s dreams was the pristine showers of the mighty sun, when it burst through a deep sea, calmed the storm, sparkled in ribbons under the water. Only here of late Aria’s dreams were nightmares to the left field of enlightenment, fears of torture, an uncertain balance that played over the lands. She peered at him through a thick, milky fog, like silk washed over a barren field and then drenched his hands. She glowed aghast in horror of the terror on the lands as clawed fingers pierced through her in a sudden fury.

Aria remembered it well: It was two hundred and fifty years ago, when the kingdoms fared well in delight, succulent treasures and eternal sunshine. The people were awash in wardrobes the colors of the sea, the blessings the lands had yielded to its care givers. The deep sea waters stretched from one end of the planet to the other and the main mode of transportation was ship. The planet was at peace, fruitful, and the people were happy.

As all happiness, it soon faded to empty reason, lack of moral sense in all virtues. He remembered standing above a twisted mound of flesh, purple feathers with eye blooms and drenched in blood. The invasion had brought with it death as the queen fought to stop it, when it took her into a dark abandon. She sacrificed her life for her people, her daughter, the last true blood. Aria remembered standing aghast in horror, as she glanced up at him from the floor, her body twisted in pain from the blasters, gaping holes in her back.

She reached up as a mass of guards assembled down the hall and offered her wrist to him. Aria leaned down, sweaty, nodded his head and took a swipe in the vial he had stashed in his cloak pocket. It would be just enough to save the people, one day.

Free excerpt from Chapter 6, The Calling from Forest over Ever, the Akibon files by April Savage

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